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 Forum rules

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PostSubject: Forum rules   Tue Jul 14, 2015 8:35 am

The following rules must be followed by everyone in the forum.

1. Spamming. 

Repeating words or sentences in topics or replies is not allowed.
Having conversations in topics is also not allowed-we have chat for that.
If you spam you are gonna get a warning, so be careful not to spam.

2. Cursing.
Curse words are not allowed to be used against other users or in general these words should not be used.

3. Bad content
Any member found to post bad content will be banned immedeatly.

4. Discrimination
If you discriminate any user by any way you are going to get a ban from the forum. We all are equal here.  no this is not tumblr 

5. Advertising.
If you have a website you can use the button in your "edit profile" place.
You can put the link in your signature if it is in a tolerating way

6. Double posting
Please check to make sure that what you are writing about hasn't already been posted before. 
Double posting is allowed in fan art or fan fiction topics.

7. Avatars
The avatar limit is 266x400.
You can have gifs for avatars.

8. Signature
The signature limit is 640x360
Gifs are allowed.

rules were based from BelieveInWinx forum
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Forum rules
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